Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 ::

I guess college isn't so bad. Except when your instructors despise your existence. Then it becomes a little harder. But you have to do like the Army says, "Drink water, drive on. Hooah."

Don't you hate those akward moments when you see someone that you only kinda know and don't really have much to talk about so you look away and act like you didn't see them, but then they say hey to you and you feel like retard? Or is that just me?

I already feel intense pain coming from my job tomorrow. I'm going to have to call the crazy lady that cut and pasted the report she wanted done together that I can't quite do all the things she asked for. Not to mention the fact that I did have done the way she wanted it only for her to call and request more changes. Half of which, as previously stated but in a nonsensical manner, can't be done. So she will beat me. Thus the pain.

That was rambling at high speed. Let's slow it down a bit.

I'm going really fast because I'm supposed to be in English class right now. Okay, well, she let us out of the cage so that a few of my classmates and I could come to the library to get some research done. Everyone knows that I can't stay away from the blog (I almost typed that with a straight face). Actually, I can't stay away from the blog when I should. If I was at home (and we had a computer) I wouldn't be posting. However, when I do have work to do and have a purpose at being 'on' a computer, I don't do my work and I post on the blog. Oh the crazy rambling world I live in.

Does anyone know any good articles over the collapse and prosecution of Enron? I am doing my cause and effect English research paper over it and I can't find a good thing yet. I have found a few pieces of crap, but that's about it. I should get back to work.

Oh poop.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 6:40 PM [+] ::
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