Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Saturday, May 13, 2006 ::

What fun are we having here at Shelbystan

No joke. It's a blast. Rocks my world. Trip of a lifetime.

I miss home. It's times like this that make you remember how good you had things before. You know what I mean? We all get complacent and take what we have for advantage. Unfortunately, it takes a mobilization to Afghanistan to regret not playing WAFFLE with my dad like we used to, sit and watch TV with Tif and make fun of everyone on screen, sit with mom in the morning and watch the news, and most of all I miss just being with Ann. I miss life. I miss it all.

Am I complaining? No. There are some days that I wish I hadn't done this mission. Then there are others that I am proud to serve and am willing to give up all amenities.

I don't know. I feel sick right now. I think I'm coming down with a cold or something. Plus I am nervous about making everyone mad so I am stressing about every little thing. I am so tired.

I need to write more about my experiences, but my experiences have worn me out. The last two weeks have been miserable. CPT Hardman and Philip left for their block leave and left me and SFC McDougal to run the shop by ourselves. Well, we have a 1LT to help us out, but he's kinda worthless. He's an infantry officer and knows nothing about quartermasters. For example, we (Mac and I) borrowed some GPS systems a week ago for one of our units. Upon turn-in, that unit couldn't locate one of the GPS'. So we told 1LT Oldham to get the system from Bravo CO and hold on to it. We even told him the serial number; however, when Bravo CO turned it in to him, he gave it to brigade because he didn't know who it belonged to.


And there are countless other things. Like calling a 3161 a hand receipt, telling 1SG Maxwell to turn in a feeder report when all he really needed to do was ask me to make a change to his ration schedule. This may not make sense to you all, but it does to me and its anoying. At least he isn't sleeping all the time like he used to. But now he just sits around and waits for me or Mac to get up from a computer (even while we are still doing work) and then logs on to his online school and does his classwork. Oh my goodness, its so annoying.

And I am tired of all the whining going on. The units are messing some things up and blaming them on the 1LT because they know he's a screw-up. But we all know its their fault. Mac and I are watching everything that comes through the office (I'm not really important, I just like to feel like I am) so we have a pretty good hangle on things. Now, things do slip by, but I think we would notice if a unit doesn't get breakfast one morning.

Speaking of. So I was laying in bed one morning, around 600 or so, getting ready for PT and Mac's phone rings. He talks on it a bit and then says, "Walcutt will handle it and call you back." Then he proceded to tell me that Alpha CO didn't get a breakfast in the field. So I ran up to the office, found the paperwork that Alpha's Supply SGT turned in the day or two before, called the food service people and found out that they didn't make the proper changes because they didn't notice them. Great. Thanks for admitting your mistake, but now how about calling the Alpha CO 1SG for me so he'll stop yelling at me! It seems that anytime I get ahead on things, something happens to knock me back down. It happens I guess.

So the day before yesterday a couple of us HHC guys went out to range to do some good Army training. The training started at 730, and even though we were really excited about this good training (everyone else said it was good training), it turned out to be a gay piece of poop. But that's besides the point. Anyway, so the next day (yesterday), we went back out to the range at 730, but were late because the time was changed to 700, but noone told us. So the range cadre told us that we weren't going to be allowed to shoot, but then 10 seconds later, changed their mind and sent us ONTO THE LIVE RANGE to get a range safety brief. We waited around for an hour almost and watched some other guys go shoot on the range. However, when the other guys went to shoot, their guns wouldn't work so we started laughing and making fun of them. It was funny to watch.

Then this captain comes walking over and yells at all of us to get out of our trucks for our briefing. Then we get down and he starts cussing at us, and yelling like crazy about how we are HHC guys and he doesn't want us screwing things up for the line company that is going to war and how we should be kicked off the range because we think we don't need PCCs and PCIs (pre-combat check, pre-combat inspections). So I raise my hand and politely ask him who said anything about how we don't need inspections and stuff and then he zeroed in on me and started yelling at me. I just stood there and took it and shut my mouth.

Well, after that everyone was laughing at me for getting yelled at more and Mac looked really mad so I thought he was mad at me. Come to find out, he just didn't have enough coffee. But anyway, my old commander was with us and he was talking about something and I said something smart and he started yelling at me (we were both joking, it was just funny). Then he put me on a "no speaking profile". That was pretty funny too. So then three hours later we get back to the office and I said something stupid to CPT Hardman (he was back for two days before they left for Afghanistan) and he started yelling at me. Yep, three captains in one day. Then a few hours later, I was with Mac and we were signing for some vehicles and he went to back up and I told him, "Oh you can ground-guide yourself." Just as soon as I said that, some E-7 walked up and started yelling at us for not ground-guiding, didn't have our seatbelts on, and Mac didn't have his lights on. I was a magnet for butt-chewings that day.

I am so tired, so this may not make any sense, but it was all pretty funny at the time, but frustrating at the same time. It sucked. I'm ready to come home. Only 10 more days until I'll see my wife and my mom and we'll be driving back to Oklahoma. Oh what a sweet day that will be.

I'm going to go lay in bed and take some medicine. I'm sorry for taking so long to post and sorry for my post being so blah and confusing. Please forgive me.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 6:30 PM [+] ::
It is so good to hear from you! I can't wait to see you, even if its for 10 seconds!
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