Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, July 17, 2006 ::

Another case of the Mondays

Yet another day here in ole Afghanistan. I keep hoping that one morning I'll wake up and it will be July of 2007. Perhaps I'll wake up and I'll be home and all this was a dream. But then I'm reminded that if this was a dream, Ann and I wouldn't have our beautiful home. And what a beautiful home it is for my beautiful queen.

Things aren't too bad here. The weather is amazing. We had a "cold front" come through a few days ago and the temperature dropped from 100 degrees to roughly 90 with the humidity still never getting over 20%. It's quite nice. I'm afraid of the winter, however. Its gets pretty chilly here at night, especially when the wind is blowing 20 mph +. I've heard the winters are like Oklahoma (as is the rest of the weather), slightly chilly with occasional snow.

The workload has gotten better. I have all my stuff ordered and it is out of my hands. Now I'm just waiting on the stuff to get into the warehouse here. Thankfully there are people to do that job for me and I don't have to run up to the other warehouse and get it. For now, it appears that any of my runs outside of Camp Phoenix will be limited in scope and occasion. I can't promise anything, but things aren't too bad here anyway.

We haven't had any earthquakes lately. The fire department got called out to go extinguish a flaming box. Yep, a box. That's how exciting it has been around here. But hey, I'm not complaining. Each uneventful day is another day I'm closer to seeing my beautiful wife.

Church last night was amazing. Chaplain St. Rose preached an awesome message, the music reminded me much of home, and the fellowship of being in the presence of so many other christians was a lift. There was a prayer request, though, that struck my mind as interesting. "Pray for our enemies," a voice said from the crowd. Our enemies. Those trying to take our lives, those fighting against our stand for this country, those who wish death to all Americans. Pray for them. Pray your enemies. Those at home. Pray for them.

Things are good here. Keep safe at home, guys. I'll do the same.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 6:12 AM [+] ::
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