Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, January 11, 2007 ::

Stupid Army

I finally get a moment to post, and something to post about, and I have go to bed early to be up in time for a crack of dawn formation. I don't know what its about and I don't care. I just know that I am thoroughly outraged at the audacity of my command to have such a pointless early morning formation.

But I'm just a specialist.

I went to the doctor today for my sickness. He said, "Yup. You have a cold." An hour later and some wrestling with an X-ray machine, I got some meds. Some decongestant, some tylenol, and some cough syrup. I could have got all that from the PX. However, it made my captain happy that I went. Oh, by the way, I have a cold.

Of course, it doesn't help that I was out in the connex yard for an hour moving stuff around in my meat locker and then moving some pallets of stuff around the place. No problem at all, right?

And I won't get into the horendous amount of stupidity that has been circulating around camp lately. Everyone is stuck on stupid these days. It's ok, though. I go on leave in [OPSEC] days. WOOHOO!!!

I apologize for not posting so much lately, unlike SOME people. I told SGT Dub that he was making me look bad. Its not that I don't want to post. Its just that most of my posts would be:

I woke up, went to work, sat at my desk, drooled on my desk.

I'm just kidding. I do more than that. Honestly. I have a lot of work piled up on my desk right now waiting to be processed. Why haven't I done it? Its too far to walk across the plaza. True story. That and I am in no mood to mess with the ensuing nutroll of trying to get anything done around this camp. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I have three letters for you: K B R.

Devils I tell you.

At one point, the devils had a sign up:


The sign was taken down a week later.

I must go to sleep now. Stupid army.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 11:47 AM [+] ::
I don't mean to worry Anne or his parents back home, but he has been drooling. We had the sew shop make a special ACU pattern aprin for him to wear at his desk. He looks real cute in it. I will try to get a picture to post for you. Other than that he's doing good. and he's ready to get home.
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