Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 ::


After World War II, when the Cold War was in full swing, American's all had a certain fear of communism spreading into American politics and the "Reds" taking over from the inside out.

Senator McCarthy (R-Wis, 1947 - 1957) took no rest in seeking out the alleged communists all over America and its war weary citizens. His campaign quickly spread countrywide and everyone was watching their neighbors more closely. Noone was immune from the McCarthy investigations; even high profile celebrities came under fire.

It was all too similar to a witch hunt.

As we all know, history repeats itself.

The Secretary of the Army, the commanding officer of Walter Reed, several senior NCOs, and now the Army Surgeon General have been fired or forcibly retired over the "Walter Reed Scandal," even though I say that scandal is far beyond the wrong word since noone really tried to cover anything up. What was the first act of the new acting Secretary of the Army? Forcibly retire the Army Surgeon General. Why? I imagine its because he didn't want to lose his job.

This all too much proof of the ridiculous antics politicians go through to parade around how great they are and keep their jobs and thus their luxurious salaries (which we all know they raise themselves.)

Why did this all come out as soon as there was a new Secretary of Defense? Or how about the elections that are on the horizon (a very small horizon) but yet the number of candidates grows daily. It's all about pleasing the "Bold Ties" and securing that spot in the future president's heart. I mean, it all makes too much sense. It's what American's do best: politic. We are trained from grade school to do whatever it takes to gain the favor of the popular people in school. This, real life, is all the same; it's all about pleasing the high ranking members of society so they will look down on us lowly folk with compassion and won't pour out their wrath on us. They won't use their "connections" or the almighty dollar to ruin your life.

I guess noone taught our recent news headline Soldiers that principle.

My good captain tends to think that I wouldn't make a good officer. Why? I don't care about that said principle either. My life purpose is to not make somebody else feel good about themselves or tell them what they want to hear. I don't believe that the Walter Reed mistake is at fault of anyone recently fired. However, noone seems to care what I think or cares to look at all the evidence surrounding the situation.

Welcome to America.

:: Ben 1:36 AM [+] ::
Gotta love it...
McCarthy was a Senator, yet the House Committee on Un-American Activities on hearings Communism that had everybody riled up were in the House of Representatives. Many of the people that McCarthy went after were proven to have ties to communist Russia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, they released many files and documents the KGB had over the contacts they had made in the US. In addition the Venona files have backed up many of McCarhy's accusations, and they were in the hands of the CIA at the time he made the accusations.
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