Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Monday, March 12, 2007 ::

Picture time again

I just want to first point out that during all the demolition and construction the only injury I sustained was a blood blister on my hand from pinching my palm in a drawer on the last desk we put together. Thank you.

Governor Henry, Governor of the great state of Oklahoma, and myself at breakfast.

LTG Blum, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, congratulating me for my Army Achievement Medal.

This is the medal I was awarded during the ceremony. It is the first medal I have been formally awarded in the Army. It was quite a nice experience.

This is the centennial year for Oklahoma so when Governor Henry came to visit, he gave us all an Oklahoma Centennial coin.

Backside of the Oklahoma Centennial coin.

This is the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, LTG Blum's coin. He gave it to me after the Governor Henry pinned my medal on.

The backside of LTG Blum's coin.

We didn't have much room in our office to manuever around and the door into the captain's office was a bit of a pain to get around.

Notice how small the office is. I am standing at the door to our office and our back wall is behind the captain.

Carl sure does look excited. However, the point of the picture is to point out my old desk which is made of the crappiest wood in the world.

Our new office after the demolition of the old walls. Four hours and a sledge hammer can do some work.

My new desk and our MWR area complete with our TV and on the left wall, our big screen for movie nights.

This is from the corner of the old S-1 office looking towards Mac's desk. As you can tell, most of our crap is still in the old half of our office.

:: Ben 10:04 AM [+] ::
You know after seeing that, Dad quickly opened a new window and did an eBay search on your coin.

Then he whipped out his handy dandy magnifying glass and his coin book and totally geeked out.

(I wasn't there, but I can only assume).

Love you!
I am still trying to get your dad's drool off the screen. He cant wait to get a look at those coins.
Congrats!!!! We love you and miss you!!!!
Hey, congrats on the commanders coin. And a three star coin, no less. I got two from General Leon J. LaPorte, the Commanding General of the NTC (he is now COMMANDER -- UNITED NATIONS COMMAND, AND
ROK / US COMBINED FORCES COMMAND, AND COMMANDER, UNITED STATES FORCES KOREA), back in 94 and 95 and one from the Commanding General, Brigadier General Ted Baer, of the 420th ENG BDE.
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