Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, June 03, 2007 ::

Where do I begin?

That is definately the question of the day. Actually, it's the question of the week. Actually, it's the question of the month. Heck, it's the question of the last 15 months of my life.

Two days ago I reached my 15 month mark. 15 months of being away from home and enjoying the luxurius life of a soldier. What fun, right? I mean, I did volunteer to join the Army and I also volunteered to come on this fun little endeavor. Why should I complain?

The question that is really on everyone's mind is where I am at. I can't tell you the exact grid coordinates of my position (if I knew them), but I can tell you that I am in Kuwait finally. Just a measily four days late. After being kicked off of the flight from Kabul to here, I flew, with my other transient misfits, to Bagram Air Base (lovely Bagram). From there, we waited a whole day to fly to Kuwait, only to miss our connecting flight to the states by two hours. So here I wait in Kuwait (I knew the name of this country had an underlying note) for another two days to fly out here and back to the United States.

All of the travel has worn me out completely and I have seemed to pick up a mild case of the Afghanistan crud. I'm trying to defeat it with medicine (stupid Taliban viruses) so I don't bring my new friend back to the states with me. So far, no such luck. I'm sure my mother won't have any problems taking me to a doctor when I get back just to make sure I'm "all right." Moms are adorable.

Of course, my wife would suggest to do the same thing; and by suggest I mean strongly suggest. That's why I love her so much, though. She's my beautiful angel. Speaking of my beautiful wife, I haven't talked to her much lately since I have been in transient status. Rumor is that she scored a 300 on her PT test (the best score you can get without the extended scale) and she hasn't scored any less than a 97 on any of her exams. I'm so proud of my beautiful soldier wife.

I better watch what I say. The Army frowns on fraternizing; even if it is electronic.

Other than my sickness, my exhaustion, my travels woes, and the fact that I am baking in a sand covered oven, life is good. I wish I could talk to my wife right now, but alas she is out in the field using your tax dollars to train against terror. Definately a good use for your tax dollars.

Good news comes at the end always. I am out of Afghanistan!!! 15 months of pure crap (with a few days to go) and I am DONE!!! I actually want to do a happy dance right now. However, we are prohibited from dancing in uniform. Or showing any emotion whatsoever. I guess that will have to wait until I get to the states and into some regular clothes. It is nice to think that soon I will be home, in my own bed, in my own house, in my home city, chilaxin with my sister and my parents and then driving to South Carolina to see the love of my life.

Oh boy, the egg timer is counting down so I need to wrap things up. I am doing good, everyone. Just a little sick, a little tired, and a little transiented out; however, it's almost over. My 15 months is almost to an end. Good Lord willing, it won't be 16 months.

I will be home soon, everyone. Get the party hats ready.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 1:39 PM [+] ::
Glad to hear that your finally coming home. Since reading this post, I've been in party mode! (I've got the official Aichman Party Sombrero out and dusted it off) =D Oh how I look forward to all the stories you'll tell of the stupid people that you've encountered. Of course, the only stories I've seemed to have about the last 15 months involve me and my stupidity. =( Anyway, safe travels and get over that sickness.
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