Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 ::


Let's all gather around for a little chemistry lesson.

Urine has ammonia in it. Bleach has chlorine in it. Ammonia and chlorine don't mix well. Actually, they mix just fine and cause a toxic gas to be released into the air. This toxic gas is not the best thing in the world to breathe; however, it smells just like bleach and when you've been cleaning the house with bleach all day, you sorta become used to the smell. So the question is: how do you know if you're breathing in this toxic gas?

When your lungs feel like they're on fire and you start to feel dizzy. Lesson learned.

I have been married for three years today. It's hard to believe since my wife isn't here, but it's still true. Three years. We've had good times. We've had bad times. We had 15 months of a bad time. Life goes on though and we have realized that even being on the other side of the earth we still love each other.

I don't feel very articulate with my words tonight so I'm going to cut this post short. I think of stuff to blog about all during the day, but when I get home the thoughts lose me. Maybe someday I'll get my writing back.

:: Ben 10:41 PM [+] ::
Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas.
awwwwe, my cute husband face. three amazing years, i still remember our first fight, that's a good story, but only for us to know. i love you sweet love. it'll be ok, this year will be too easy, and the good Lord will bring us back together. i love you ben
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