Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, March 20, 2008 ::

I loathe the MTA New York City Subway

As I'm sure everyone remembers, the late night Downtown 6 train has been all ate up lately. Tonight just made it worse.

Leaving work at 10:47 tonight, I hustled to my stop at 77th and Lex only to get to the turnstile and be told there are no more local trains for the night. "Good," I thought. "At least I didn't waste two dollars."

So I ran up the stairs and across the street to catch the Uptown 6 train to 86th and Lex which is an express stop. As I'm running across the street I hear a train pulling up to the station so of course I'm rejoicing in my head because I wouldn't have to wait long for the train. Hopping down wet stairs in loafers, I land at the platform to see that the train I heard was actually the last Downtown 6 local train.

Frickin' MTA bunghole.

Thinking I still wouldn't have to wait long, I decided to pay my two dollars and ride the Uptown 6 rather than walk the nine streets to the express stop. Ten minutes later, I decided that was a horrible idea (I could have walked the nine streets easily in ten minutes.) I heard the Uptown MTA station agent telling everyone to ride the Uptown 6 to the next stop and then transfer to any Downtown express train, which confirmed my thoughts on how to remedy the situation the first bunghole caused.

Upon arrival at the 86th and Lex stop, I realized there was no free transfer to the Downtown trains and I would have to cough up another two dollars plus my wasted time.

Go figure.

Wishing bad fortune on the MTA employees in my head and accepting the fact I had been duped into paying for their kid's college education, I swiped my Metrocard (not too fast) and waited another ten minutes for the elusive Downtown 6 train. At least I had a seat so I could sit down.

Thus here I am, standing at the 14th St Union Square Brooklyn NQRW platform waiting on my Q train to end this day listening to some guy play guitar to his own accompaniment music. It doesn't sound too bad.

Speaking of that CD sucks. It doesn't have any songs I heard in the subway and a few don't even work. I still liked the guy's live music, but that CD is horrible. Of course Idiena Menzel's first CD was apparently worth less than the disc it was printed on and look where she is now. (I don't know where she is now. Jill loved her until Idiena started doing weird things with her pricing in order to goat more money out of her fans. She can explain it better.)

I don't expect this band to go anywhere with that demo though.

Work was work. Watching people shop is completely mind numbing. It's not that I don't like to work; I can't find a job I like because I don't know what I want to do. If Ann was here, things would be better because she would square me away. I just need my wife.

It's rainy face here today. Of course, the weather guys said it would be rainy face last night and it wasn't. You just never know with them. I think they draw straws or some sort to decide who's idea of the weather will be the official opinion of the news broadcast for that hour. Last night on the news, I heard the weather guy say, "And we have yet another update on that weather for you. Stay tuned to My9 for the latest."

That really raised my confidence.

We had a bit of excitement today at work mixed with a bit of utterly disgusting smells that can only be conjured up by the grossest of individuals. For some reason, a poo sucker (for lack a better term) came and sucked poo (hence the name) from a hole in our basement floor. The smell was horrendous and caused several flashbacks to the Stan. While we were all gagging over the intensity of the noxious odor filling the store, the fire department showed up. And I mean the fire department. Three tanker trucks, a ladder truck, and a chief of some sorts all converged on our building in a matter of about 20 seconds after the first truck arrived. Firemen all decked out in the fire gear surrounded the building looking for a fire or smoke or something to be the cause of their alarm, only to be greeted by the most awful smell known to man.

It was awesome. It didn't take them long to realize a false alarm and leave. If it weren't for the horrendous odor, mom would have been in heaven.

That was my day. I have emailed Ann twice today and it is quite depressing. This too shall pass.

I suppose that's all for tonight. I hate the MTA New York City Subway and firefighters are amazingly fast. Quite a day.

God is good. All the time.

P.s. This post brought to you while waiting at the 86th and Lex Downtown 45 and late night 6 platform, riding the Downtown 6 train, waiting at the 14th St Union Square NQRW platform, and riding the Brooklyn / Coney Island Q train of the ever more and always will be infamous MTA New York City Subway.

:: Ben 11:28 AM [+] ::
MY GOD!!!!!!


(well maybe not the subway part, but you know what I mean...)

I agree Mike. So true.
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