Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, March 13, 2008 ::

I solved it

MTA New York City Subway. The busses say "MTA New York City Bus" and all the utility trucks say "MTA New York City Transit" so I'm left to conclude that it is called MTA New York City Subway. I'm glad that puzzle has finally been solved. I can now continue to live my life.

Work today was work once again. Rich people thinking they are too rich to follow posted signs (one lady looked at me and then walked straight through a door labeled "Employees Only"), thinking they are too righteous to actually pay for things (one lady opened a container of blueberries, ate one, then put the container back), and so many other things us lowlife poor people will never understand.

I swear I just heard a woman say, "If I was going to be cheated on, I would rather it be by a prostitute." I don't make this stuff up. I think that deserves a Subbie for "Best Thing Overheard on a Train Ride Ever (so far)." I love eavesdropping when I don't even have to strain to listen because two people are talking loud enough for people in the other car to hear.

I think I just missed my stop.

Seriously, why does the 59th St 456 station smell like old, rotting dog food? I just don't understand this place.

No, I didn't miss it. Not by a long shot.

I forgot my golf clubs in Oklahoma. That saddens me because I really wanted to go play some golf or at least go to the driving range. I don't know why, but I have had an urge lately to go golfing (and WII sports doesn't count) (though its close).

My mind is scattered tonight. I'm tired from work and I don't really do anything. Right now I'm just tired from looking for a new job and figuring out how to ditch this one. Plus I really want to go to school so I'm deciding whether to try and take classes now or later. If later, when?

I just want to set up my sweet love for a life of success when she gets home from fighting the war. We'll see how well my plans go.

I slipped at work today and stumbled down a few (five) stairs, landing on my left knee and rolling my right ankle. It was FAR from graceful; that's for sure. My ankle has stopped hurting and my knee doesn't sting anymore. Hallelujah for me. (Did I spell that correctly? Wow.)

So many trains run to the same stop, but the one I need is nowhere to be found. Well, I'm sure it is somewhere to be found, although I haven't had my weekly subway screw over yet.

Great. Now I just ruined it.

And I ruined a very good tie today. It was pink and went perfect with my blue shirt. Well now it has a mixture of chopped pineapple, shrimp skin, and other random bits of trash dotting it. Oh the joys of my job. Hence the search.

Seriously, where is my train?


With that I bring this post to a close. Another day, another dollar. Another day closer to seeing my beautiful bride. Oh how I long for the day.

God is good. All the time

P.s. This post brought to you from the 77th and Lex Downtown 456 platform, the Downtown 6 train, the 14th St Union Square Brooklyn NQRW platform, and the Brooklyn / Coney Island Q train.

P.s.s. Next I need to work on streamlining my postscripts. (Or is it post scripts?)

:: Ben 10:56 PM [+] ::
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