Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Sunday, April 13, 2008 ::

Job stops, posting stops

I had more to post about when I was working than I do just lazing around the city. However, I am due to start being "on call" for the Army security detail starting Wednesday since I go blow stuff up on Tuesday. That, of course, is assuming I can find a way out to the firing range since it is north of the city and I don't have our car here. Heck, even if I did, it's not like I would have a slight clue where the place is at. I'm sure four parkways and a scenic route or three later I'd be throwing my hands up in the air while banging my head on the steering wheel. Imagine that one, please.

My doting around the city hasn't been too amazing. No big celebrity sightings or stumbles across good music in the subway. And that's ok with me. I don't mind a nice quite day of coffee and SpongeBob. I actually went to the park, Prospect Park, on Thursday and got Ranger to stretch her little puppy legs (they're actually ginormous legs) and see more of my neighborhood. It was definately fun. Come to find out, we only live three blocks from the lake where you can fish or paddleboat (what's a noun used as a verb?) and not much further is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Brooklyn Museum. A pretty sweet set up.

The park isn't ginormous but it isn't small. I would say its a little bigger than Honor Heights. There are three hills to hike with woods to get lost in, the lake, a huge meadow to play frisbee, plenty of trails and sidewalk to rollerblade, and a tennis center to learn and play tennis. I saw something quite odd to my eyes but I suppose normal for New York. A high school gym class was having class at the park and their class was how to rollerblade so they were skating in the park for class. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I'm so tired right now I can't think. This weekend was drill again. We were out in the field yesterday and this morning. As you were. The company was in the field; thanks to my NCO I was in the barracks for most of the day. Most supply guys are super pogues and hate going to the field and training. I, however, believe or not, like training in the field once I'm there. I hate the thought of training while I'm sitting on the couch but I love training once I'm in the field. That's just not normal for supply guys though. Most hate the field no matter what. So my NCO was trying to keep me in the barracks but I finally talked him into letting me go out to the field and I started having fun then.

I like being with the company. I don't like being a loner. I like to swap stories and eat dirt with my mashed potatoes. Its the kid part in me getting a chance to come out (I don't think my first sergeant would like the tonka trucks though). I know I say how much I hate drill and everything, but lately I've been really enjoying it. Its all a mental thing and I am just starting to get my mental straight after the deployment. I'll get it all straightened out eventually.

So training this weekend and training Tuesday. I'm so tired, too. They had "coffee" for us, but I wouldn't label the Army stuff coffee. Its definately more like Arfee.

That's too funny.

It just tickles me pink to see people wearing camo stuff thinking they're cool then they see a real soldier or marine and realize how uncool they are. I love it. I would like to wear my BDU coat again, but alas it is incomplete since somebody had to go to war and can't sew stuff for her helpless husband. Cough cough. Point point.

Speaking of, my wonderful wife is doing ok. She is, of course, missing home and her husband but she is still safe and alright. She just wants everyone to pray for her and mail her lots of chocolate. Lots.

We're talking tons.

Anyway, my good ole subway stop is approaching. I'm sorry about my lack of posting again. Just not doing super exciting stuff right now. I'll work on that.

God is good. All the time.

:: Ben 10:18 PM [+] ::
job stops.

get a job. or go to school.

get off your ass.
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