Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Ambulance Chronicles
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:: Thursday, May 29, 2008 ::

I'm going crazy

Assuming you have a batch of entirely identical clothes and as many entirely identical dryers needed, how would a person determine the best (time-saving OR money-saving, I don't believe its possible to have both, although I could be wrong) combination of clothes and dryers?

I need help.

First you would have to set some standards of meaure. I would go with weight. You would know your clothes are entirely dry whenever their weight post-wash is less than or equal to their pre-wash weight (dirt, no matter how small has mass). So to determine efficiency, you would have to know how much heat is required to completely dry your clothes. If you divide that by the heat produced through the dryer, you could determine how long it would take to dry your clothes. Correct?

Of course, the only way to determine how much heat is required to dry your clothes, you would have to dry your clothes. So let's say one dryer can dry one article of clothing in 10 minutes, which costs $0.25 and you have 20 articles of clothing and an unlimited number of dryers. What's the best solution? How would you figure this out?

More thinking on this later. My real clothes are dry.
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:: Ben 2:20 PM [+] ::
You can have both. Skip every other wash-and-dry cycle and you have saved half of time and money, but, remember mommy says clean shorts everyday so you should wash them in the sink every day. Remember to turn your shirts inside out after the first missed cycle.
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